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Dec 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
of the terror watch list is many of the bar a civil rights attorney at payer. thank you so much for joining me now first i wasn't talking about how you get your name on that less is the real bonafide way that the light that will tell them you're on that list while the government doesn't reveal officially to people whether they are on the list an anti black greasy usually happen is that a federal law enforcement agency. make little pro. not many people including us citizens to the watch list and then never revealed the reason for being included on the watch list or even officially let them know that they are on the list and there's just not really any sure fire way of these people finding out why they ended up on the list in the first weeks and i understand a muslim sounding names are more likely to be on that once was. because they are credible dress or that because it's more of a stereotype. while there's no reason to believe that just because somebody has a muslim name or muslim sounding name that they are more likely to be a threat in any kind of way. ahmed and the experience of
Dec 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
movement has a lot of support might get lots of civil rights groups community leaders even when you're sitting here at lax fields of law seo has voiced his support for reducing the minimum wage as you can see this is that fuel which movements in the united states taking place in day out the extent they're going from location to location and name calling them as they continue walking. reporting from the dark green up when i r t. rapper great scientists and rescue crews are desperately attempting to save the crew of beached whales. the group of pilot whales is stranded off the shoreline of everglades national park in southern florida. at least ten whales have ninety six of natural causes and four of them were euthanized. for more from florida. rt is an incline so donovan reports. the last couple of days of being very sad day this to be down here on the shoals of the southern florida on wednesday the whole the news spread out but the very large group of up to forty five pilot whales stranded themselves off the shoals of the candidates national park. marine officials tennis gods and plenti
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
l to discuss us a little bit more i'm chewing earlier by neil bar but a civil rights attorney. i first asked him whether it's mandatory for all police departments across the country to train the police force on how to respond to the mentally ill the country. each apartment from his own rules and regulations songs. at this point were they all have such regulations. it is clear that each and every of our show and sadly for standpoint that it's essential that people who may have mental illness when they saw her mental illness or to temporarily as it should rest assured that they have the opportunity to come with an encounter with police as a way. equally important offices themselves because they are properly trained are they going to miss a test of a situation in and also sells and officers armed with a star. officers who are exposed to that knowledge what does that training will apply to look like or what might you think that it would look like and would use a credit way. the train i should deal with the ball with the understanding that generally times on your side and also the fac
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3